Mini-Review, Logan (2017)


I don’t feel qualified to write a full review of this, not having seen any of the other X-Men films. But I can happily report that I enjoyed my 2 hours in its company, and therefore owe this brief recommendation. Director James Mangold (I Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma) has a keen eye for rural Americana and Logan successfully transfers some of the heavy mythos of the Western into the Marvel universe. Wizened and fading, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart neatly imply their mutant parallel America is no country for old men, whilst a young Hispanic girl thrown into the mix gives the codgers a rude and much-needed kick up the rear end. All of the usual superhero-flick irritants apply: clunky dialogue, villains with baffling motives, tongue not firmly enough lodged in cheek. But the bloodier-than-usual action scenes raise the stakes so that you can believe real damage might be inflicted on any of its heroes at any moment. So it has a tense uncertainty that is rare in any form of blockbuster these days. Until you start to wonder whether any of its monsters and/or humans feel any sort of pain at all as they gush the red stuff…



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